Sem Never Let Me Go (feat. Silent Child)
Release Date 27/03/2020
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CloudKid Presents Sem - Never Let Me Go (ft. Silent Child)

Production wizard Sem kicks off his sound in 2020 with his captivating new single ‘Never Let Me Go’. Following on from a quiet but impactful year, including collaborations with the likes of DROELOE and Taska Black, ‘Never Let Me Go’ continues the trend of unmissable pairings, on this occasion teaming up with the rapidly risen talent Silent Child. Straight away, the track engulfs you into its emotive melodies and unique electronic textures, reminding us all once again why every Sem release is so special.

Sem explains “This song idea is over a year old, it has evolved through many different versions and iterations to become what it is now. I always believe a song has a point where it is exactly how it should be and no matter how many more hours you put into it, it won’t become better; so when Silent Child sent over the vocals I was blown away by the how he made it song it should be”.

Silent Child adds: “Hold on to my empty heart, without you here I fall apart” essentially means hold on to me closely and tight because I’ve gone through a lot and you’re the only one that can keep me together. Finding that one person that makes you feel high all the time and you’re addicted. Their light is so bright that it can light up the darkest parts of your heart and you don’t want them to let you go”.

»This song has evolved through many different versions and iterations to become what it is now«

Marking his fourth release on Cloudkid, Sem’s latest sonic exploration builds up his already renowned and authentic catalogue of tracks to a whole new level, and certainly makes us wait in anticipation for even more. 


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