Boon Don't Worry
Release Date 18/05/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Boon - Don't Worry

Don’t Worry’ proudly takes the spot for this week’s ‘Cloudkid top track of the week’. A track that continues to show off the genre-blending talent that is Boon and his irresistible debut EP 16

‘16’ marked the precise age at which Boon self-produced and released this introduction into the scene. Taking the artist approach of making listeners feel excited and refreshed by music, Boon set out to create the unexpected. Already capturing many ears with his electro-R&B focus single ‘100 Degrees’, ‘Don’t Worry’ leads the listener into a completely new world entirely. As the opening track of the EP, this a track that holds a lot of importance – encapsulating everything Boon’s sound straight away: dark, grungy and aggressive but equally energetic and fresh.

Boon explains:

“Don’t Worry is pretty sarcastic and frustrated. it’s you watching your relationship deteriorate and you’re like, “I can clearly see you doing these things but you’re acting like nothing is going on, so whatever, it’s cool.” You’re just so over it you give up and go along with it…

I drew from everyone on this track. From Blackbear to Stevie Ray Vaughn, to Skrillex to Travis Scott; I wanted to blend everything in a way that felt like me”

»I wanted to blend everything in a way that felt like me«

It becomes apparent from the vast range of influences mentioned in this song that Boon is the perfect example of the type of talent that is emerging from the boundless-genre movement in today’s world of music. And boy it’s exciting! Don’t miss out and check out ‘Don’t Worry’ now.


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